Free Meditation Course

Dear Spiritual Aspirants,

Hurry up..There are only few free seats.

Considering the current Pandemic situation, we have designed a Free Meditation Teacher Training Course along with a ā€œInternational recognized certificateā€ (optional) in order for the humanity to awaken the latent energies within, to help people transform their own lives and assist others awaken too.

It is high time we realize the needs of Meditation in day to day endeavors for it not only gifts us physical health and healing but also makes us experience higher Blissful states, live our true nature and being to the fullest, oneness and lead fulfilled lives with deeper meaning and purposes leading to constant spiritual progress.

This course is dedicated to all the souls who would love to learn and spread the teachings they have imbibed and live an authentic life.

Training will be provided by the experienced Masters in the field of Meditation and Spiritual Science.

About the Course

In this course we are going to teach simple meditation techniques that aids in self healing and self realization.
Spiritual Science Includes learning about Chakras, 7 bodies, Karma Science, Soul Evolution, Thought Power, Creation of Realities e.t.c.
Asana Siddhi ( Ability to sit in the right posture) is very important for all the aspirants to be able to sit for long hours there by resulting in qualitative hours of practice of Meditation. Therefore, we also guide the students in achieving the Asana Siddhi.
We take you through a wider perspective of knowledge by introducing you to Enlightened masters and Masters of Meditation who are involved in the practice for many years.
Results are assured for sincere and serious participants. Hence, we look forward for candidates with these qualities to enroll themselves.