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200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Training in Bali – Bali 200 Hour Meditation Training | Pyramid Yoga School

200 hour Meditation Training in Bali

200 hours Meditation Teacher Training program is designed exclusively for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level.

Our curriculum of 200 hour Meditation Training in Bali has the perfect syllabus for students. Our Course incorporates yogic, non-religious and scientific meditation practices, the effects of acute and chronic stress on the body and mind.

Meditation is THE Gateway to Heaven! Meditation is not chanting any mantra. Meditation is not prayer. Meditation means making the Mind empty and keeping the Mind in that state. The grand cosmic energy enters where the mind is empty. Meditation even changes the pattern of Brain thereby helping in better decisions. Meditation begins with Mind’s focus on B-R-E-A-T-H. Meditation is the grand portal to the Kingdom of Spiritual Wisdom and it revolutionizes our spiritual growth.

The Science of Meditation is the science of energy maximization and the science of the activation of our ‘ extra-sensory perception ‘ or the ‘ third-eye ‘.
During the training, we train in detail about the philosophy of Meditation and discuss spiritual science, Science of brain and Mind and the connection between the three. We also train on Thoughts and impact of our thoughts in our own life and how to take control of them for a holistic living. All our teachings are scientific in nature.

Once in every week, we allow 200 hour Yoga Training students to continue in silence for experiencing the power and depth of silence. First students experience the transformation. Then we allow students to provide guidance to teach meditation.
Sessions will have both theoretical and practical demonstrations throughout the course


1. Science of meditation – Research Done by Spiritual Scientists
2. Stages of Meditation and Meditational Experiences
3. Benefits of Meditation
4. Anapanasati Meditation
5. Ten Sutras of Meditation
6. Pyramid energy
7. Pyramid Meditation
8. Mindfulness Meditation / walking / Eating
9. Miraculous Mind ( Conscious Mind and Subconsious Mind)
10. Silence Meditation
11. Stress Management for Children and Corporate People12. Music Meditation
13. Meditation and Seven bodies Activation
14. Chakras and Kundalini Awakening
15. Aura and Electromagnetic Fields
16. Expansion and Contraction of Aura
17. Mind Power
18. Third eye
19. Mantra Meditation/ Om
20. ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) (Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience & Clair cognizance)
21. Power of Thought
22. We Create Our Own Reality
23. Belief Management
24. Beliefs and Deliberate Creation
25. Belief Installation Process
26. Developing Your Self Worth
27. Physical Health and Mental Health
28. Healing the Body, Mind and Emotions
29. Science of Self-Healing
30. Energy Healing Practices
31. Self-Healing Techniques
32. Ageless Body Timeless Mind
33. Dynamic Meditation
34. Introduction to Dreams
35. Different types of Dreams
36. Dream Interpretation
37. Signs and Symbols
38. Conscious Parenting
39. Inner Child Healing
40. Relationships
41. The Seven Essene Mirrors
42. Non-Violent Communication and Behaviour
43. Activation of Left and Right Brains
44. Awakening the Power of Intuition
45. Science of Breathing and Breath Work
46. Law of Attraction
47. Working on our Fears
48. Sutras of Abundance
49. Habit Installation Process for Successful Life
50. Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
51. Middle Path – Balanced living
52. Living the Wisdom
53. Core Transformation
54. Cultivating Awareness and Awareness Tools
55. Power of Imagination and Creative Visualization
56. Awakening Your True Power
57. Ancient Spiritual Scriptures
58. Wisdom of Upanishads
59. Law of karma
60. The Nature of the Self
61. Journey of Soul
62. Life after death
63. Vegetarianism
64. The Five Kleshas (Five Forms of Human Suffering)
65. Qualification of an Aspirant
66. Five Questions and Quest
67. Wisdom of Mahavakyas
68. Wisdom of Indian Sages and Gurus
69. Brahmarshi Patriji
70. Osho
71. Ramana Maharshi
72. Sage Vasishta
73. Buddha – The Eight Fold Path
Wisdom of Enlightened Masters
75. Seth
76. Lobsong Rampa
77. Abraham Hicks
78. Lao Tzu
79. Dr. Deepak Chopra
80. Don Miguel Ruiz
81. Milarepa


Yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.



1. Experienced Certified Yoga and Meditation Teachers
2. Hatha Vinyasa & Astanga Vinyasa yoga
3. Therapeutic Yoga
4. Delicious Vegetarian Yogic Food
5. Luxury Rooms
6. Bali Nature Tour
7. Classrooms in the beautiful Nature
8. Healing Pyramid For Meditation
9. Complimentary Balinese Traditional Massage


Bali Nature Tour






Open TimeClose TimeActivity
06:30 am07:00 amSimple yoga
08:00 am09:00 amMindful breakfast
09:00 am11:00 amPhilosophy
11:00 am11:30 amBreak
11:30 am13:00 amPresentation and practical session
13:00 am14:00 amLunch
14:00 am16:00 pmMeditation and presentation
16:00 pm16:30 pmBreak
16:30 pm18:00 pmMeditation and presentation
18:00 pm19:00 pmBreak
19:30 pm20:30 pmMindful dinner
21:00 pm22:00 pmMeditation and Satsang


200 Hr Meditation Teacher Training


CourseDateFee USDBuy
RYT 200 HR Meditation Teacher Training2nd Dec to 23rd Dec2300ENQUIRY NOW BOOK NOW
RYT 200 HR Meditation Teacher Training23rd Mar to 13th April2300ENQUIRY NOW BOOK NOW


1. Twin Sharing Accommodation
2. Yoga and Mediation Training
3. 3 times Vegan Meal
4. Bali Nature tour on Sundays
5. Surprise Gift

Not Included

1. Airport transfers
2. Visa
3. Private Expenses
4. Flight tickets


Deposit amount cannot be refunded, rest of the payment can be done upon arrival through cash or card.


1.Deposit amount is nontransferable and nonrefundable.
2.Course can be postponed to future dates upon availability.


Each student will be held to a high standard of conduct, demonstrating respect for their peers and maintaining confidentiality throughout and after the course. Any form of bias, sexual harassment, violation of State or National laws, or proven dishonesty will be grounds for dismissal from the program.



Be on time to the class till the end of the course.
This will help to master Yama and teach students the same.


Do not deviate from the path of yogic life till the end of the course,
No alcohol
No smoking
No drugs
No non vegetarianism
No sex.
Why? While practicing Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting, every aspect has a chance of energy loss and weakening of mind – help yourself to strengthen your yogic energy to make your life better and other people around you.


Commitment towards course goals:
It is very important for every human being to follow the goals in their passion or career. Achievement gives lots of true confidence i.e. taking our course as an example reading the study material from time to time and keep yourself updated and be ready to make good score in the end with proper knowledge and wisdom,because once the course is done we will be involved in our daily life and may get lost in the flow of life.
Some of the important things in the path of completion of the course to beremembered:
Studying the names of the asanas and their functionality.
Remember names of asanas in a sequence: Ex: Astanga vinyasa yoga,Hatha Vinyasa yoga.
Preparing a sample sequence based on poses and counter poses.
Should be able to understand Astanga yoga: Patanjali 8 fold path.

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