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About us - yoga

Pyramid Yoga School is founded by Manoj Ji who has been practiced meditation and yoga since 15 years under the guidance and blessings of Bramharshi Patriji who is the founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies movement of India. Pyramid Yoga School is the training center for Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Science Courses. The trainers are well experienced and in the path of spirituality from child hood for enlightenment. Pyramid Yoga and Meditation training locations and Ashrams in India and across the world. Pyramid Valley International, Kadthal Maheshwara Pyramid, OmKareshwara Pyramid., Kamadhenu Pyramid, Indonesia Bali


The Main objective of our organization is to provide right spiritual education to the whole humanity. Ours is non-religious and spiritual science organization. Our Philosophy is “Aham Barmhashmi” ( I am God ) , I am that I am and I am everything. Our teachings will help student understand the spiritual science and life science though meditation that leads for enlightenment. Enlightenment comes through only practice of Meditation. All our trainers experienced in various fields of spiritual science. We promote pyramid technology for meditation to reach meditative state very faster.

Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga means “union”, union with body, mind, soul and whole universe.
According to Patanjali – “Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha” – stop functioning of your mind, make your mind empty.
Yoga means not only practice of “Asanas”, Yoga means to reach Samadhi. To reach Samadhi the only way is Meditation.

Some of Pyramid Meditation Ashrams in India